1. jeannelle101

    Best block / parts for Turbo build

    Hey guys, I was in the final stages of putting an on3 turbo kit on my 04 mustang GT. Then a leakdown and compression test showed that I have some pretty bad rings in cylinders 3 and 6. So instead of tuning I want to build the engine. My goal is somewhere around 800whp. I want to keep it...
  2. D

    2001 v6 turbo eagle rods and pistons question

    So I'm gathering parts for my turbo build and was gonna stay stock internals for a while but I was looking around and found some companies like eagle selling "ford sc 3.8 rods" or in some other place it just says ford 3.8 so my question is this will those rods fit my 2001 and what about pistons...