rust repair

  1. B

    Rusty boi

    Heyo, So I bought a 2005 mustang gt a few months back, and I recently noticed a large amount of rust bubbles on the bottom of both rear quarter panels. :( I'm not sure I want to know this, but how much will it cost me approximately to fix? It a patch on both sides that is about 2x6 inches large...
  2. Alldegree

    Fox Fox Body Frame Rust-- Scrap or Save?

    Hi all, Hopefully this is in the right section, I'm new around here. I recently bought a 1985 mustang gt on craigslist for 1000 dollars. There didn't appear to be any major rust-through when I looked at it, the interior was critter-free, and the engine ran after sitting for 15 years, so I...
  3. R

    Can you replace metal fuel line with rubber hose under by the gas tank?

    Hey everyone, I’m new here. My fuel line under the car in between the gas tank and fuel filter rusted out and started spraying fuel. Could I just cut the rusted line out and replace it with a rubber hose and hose clamps? I tried looking up where I would even buy the metal fuel line but I can’t...
  4. Z

    Paint and Body Cost of rust around windows?

    I’m currently looking at a 68 mustang that overall is good. The trunk looks nice, the engine was rebuilt in 2015, and the undercarriage has only a little bit of surface rust in a couple spots. The trouble is that there is rust on the top of the windshield, and at the base of the rear window. It...
  5. P

    Paint and Body 91 Hatchback Rust

    No surprise. Hatch has rusted through. Since this seems to be a common problem maybe someone has a reasonable solution. I have scoured the wrecking yards and have not found on as good as mine. Fiberglass? Weld in patch? Ideas?
  6. 70mstang

    Advice Needed-'70 Coupe Paintjob

    Hey folks, so I've finally decided to get the paint done on my '70 coupe. The rust has finally hit a point where I can't let it get any further. there's (dvd-case?) sized patches of rust in the lower doors and lower trunk and the floors are rotted out pretty badly. Structurally she seems okay...
  7. ekg_80

    Restoring My 1994 Mustang Gt At Home. (video)

    Hey there, I have been working on restoring my first car from high school which is a 94 Mustang GT 5.0 5spd. I have a lot planned for this car, and have been keeping pretty busy on it. I will be posting links to some videos I will be posting on the progress of this build. I will be...