Advice Needed-'70 Coupe Paintjob


Jan 30, 2017
Hey folks, so I've finally decided to get the paint done on my '70 coupe.

The rust has finally hit a point where I can't let it get any further. there's (dvd-case?) sized patches of rust in the lower doors and lower trunk and the floors are rotted out pretty badly. Structurally she seems okay though.

I'm planning to strip the car down to the point where it's just barely legal on the street in the daytime in good weather. the rest will be up to the shop to disassemble and paint. I want to do as thorough a job as possible, however I don't know what the best course of action is... as I've never seen a full-refurb paintjob done on these cars before.

Can some of you offer some info that...maybe you wish someone had told you when you did the paint on your cars?
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horse sence

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Nov 29, 1999
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Just be ready to hand the $ for rust repair .For the trunk floor ,depending on how bad the rot is you may need to replace the floors and drop offs .If the trunk floor drop off are bad, the bottom of the quarters is probably also bad .The size you say is bad in the door ,the inner shell is probably bad also .When you lift the carpet you may also find rust .There is no way to tell what you may find until you start taking it apart .The most expensive repairs would be to the frame rails and torque boxes if rusted out .


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May 16, 2010
I agree with Horse Sence, I have two 70 Sportsroof cars and my Dad has 70 MACH 1. I've been up close and personal with all three cars, and it's truly hard to know what lies beneath until you start tearing down.