saleen series 2

  1. 9

    WTB/Trade TorkTech Magnuson Inlet Elbow

    ISO TorkTech Inlet Elbow for Magnuson superchargers. This part was designed to work on MP112 blowers and TVS1900s. But it also would bolt perfectly up to my MP90 Saleen Blower. Really would love to get one of these for my car while I'm in the process of swapping to a fresh stock long block and...
  2. s2s281sc

    Engine 2000 Saleen Series I I ; Mil Status Off, Running Rich, Idle High

    I've recently purchased a 2000 saleen series ii mustang that is: Running rich Idling at high rpms (1,500) Sputters at lower rpm band When I plug in my obd2 I'm getting "Malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) status Off", so I can not check for any error code, which is frustrating or a at least it...