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    What's it Worth? 87 Fox GT

    Hi All, Getting ready to sell my 87 GT convertible. It needs some work but the body is pretty straight and not rusty. No motor, trans, needs a new dash wiring harness. Seats need to be reupholstered Top looks good Comes with all the dash, interior parts, most of the engine components (PS pump...
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    Selling Advice - Major Rework - 2001 5 spd Coupe

    Hi, I'm ED; Need Advice on how to best sell. I've probably spent about $175 $200 a month on repairs on my 2001 5sp Mustang Coupe between 1/2018 and 4/2019; Car is worth more for parts; yet it is probably close to running with minimal repairs. Every Repair was done - absolutely truthful. Sad...
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    For Sale 2007 Mustang GT parts

    I have for sale a few parts taken off of my old 2007 mustang gt: 1. Accel super coil on plugs (yellow top) used for about 2000 miles - $100 2. Jlt driver side oil catch can (used for about 5000 miles) - $100 Willing piece out or sell as a lump sum. Willing to negotiate offers. Located in...