Selling Advice - Major Rework - 2001 5 spd Coupe


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Dec 25, 2019
Katy, TX
Hi, I'm ED; Need Advice on how to best sell. I've probably spent about $175 $200 a month on repairs on my 2001 5sp Mustang Coupe between 1/2018 and 4/2019; Car is worth more for parts; yet it is probably close to running with minimal repairs. Every Repair was done - absolutely truthful.

Sad part: It still needs a replacement emissions cannister and a new cylinder gasket to address an oil leak; and A/C blows at multi level only (no choices - fixed) NEED $795 MIN, THOUGHTS APPRECIATED!

New Clutch, 4 new Cats, New plug wires, coils, cap and plus twice, 2 front left O2 sensors, Passenger side power window and lock motor/actuator (last 5/2019 when drivers side exhaust manifold replaced), 0n 7/31 A/C Compressor - Power Steering Unit and part of Tensioner, 10/19 New Fuel Pump, 4/11/20 New Radiator & Fan Assembly. Add 4 new tires with average of 2,000 miles. Alternator replaced in 2015; Battery less than 2 yrs old.

Welch House Lane in Katy Texas

Body Fair (no rust but sun has faded paint severely in some parts' also a few dents on drivers side, included a cracked rear taillight and a recnt rock hit on windshield. CANNOT AFFORD to keep repairing. Mechanically, this could be a reliable car for 1 to 4 years with minimal future repairs. Thanks, ED
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Dec 24, 2003
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Are you looking for $795.00 minimum for the car? Or was I reading this part wrong?
If that is the case.

"Roller Chassis" $xXx.xx

Make a list of the things just repaired
Make a list of what is wrong
Post it in our classified section