serpentine belt

  1. derek1993

    Engine Shredded serpentine belts

    93 lx v8 - Recently had an issue where noticed a belt was starting to shred. It was pretty old so figured it was time. Have gone through a couple of different belts and found that it's riding up on/against the front lip of the water pump pulley. Nothing has changed, but it looks like the PS...
  2. kamikaze5.0

    V-1 Supercharger Belt Questions

    Hello, I am looking to see if anyone has installed a V-1 supercharger on a fox without a smog pump and AC. I installed everything last night and i am looking to start figuring the serpentine belt. anyone have any ideas on how to run the serpentine belt without the smog or AC system? Or does...
  3. starstruck106

    Need Help 1995 Convertible 3.8 Temp Gauge still not working and alarm system is draining my battery

    I have a 1995 3.8 Convertible that I recently had a belt break on while driving in heavy winter conditions. The belt was replaced and I have driven maybe 400 miles since that time. About two weeks ago the gauges for fuel and temperature stopped working (just the ones on the left) I had this...