1. I

    For Sale Competiton Engineering C-2750 Drag Shocks

    Part# C-2750 adjustable drag shocks for most Fox body mustangs and all SN95 Mustangs. THEY DO NOT COME WITH HARDWARE. I never installed them on my vehicle, but they look used from the guy I bought from claiming “these KYB adjustable shocks are brand new” (shocks came in KYB boxes). My loss is...
  2. C

    1971 high lift coil spring - HELP

    Hey all, Hoping someone might have some experience with this. I have a 1971 Mustang Coupe with a set of High Lift Coil Springs from JC Whitney installed. They were purchased around 1999 but are no longer sold by JCW and when i've called, they don't have any info about them. I have the original...
  3. CHILL347

    Suspension Strange 10 way adjustable rear shocks?

    Hey everyone. A good deal has come up on a brand new set of Strange 10 way adjustable rear shocks that were only installed for mock up. Thinking about picking them up. All I have right now is cheap Monroe shocks. I drive on the street mostly but the odd time throw my slicks on and go beat on it...
  4. 868

    SOLD SVE Mustang Coilover Kit 79-93

    SVE Mustang Coilover Kit 79-93 Installed last summer and have less than 500 miles. They are in like new condition with no defects and normal installation marks. Only selling because I want a different ride than coilovers can provide. *NOTE: You will need caster camber plates with spacers to...
  5. S

    Expired New 11-14 Gt Struts & Shocks

    2011 - 2014 OEM Ford Mustang GT 2 OEM Front Struts Bought them a while back decided to get koni strt. My loss your gain. Sold as is $50 local pick up Las Vegas,NV I also have front and rear struts and shocks with 38k they felt great I upgraded. Best offer get it.
  6. FrankenStang88

    Suspension Messed Up Front End

    Ok so i have an 88 gt hatchback and on the front end you can see about a 2-3" difference in the height of the front bumper (drivers side being the higher one). Ive looked on sites at suspension kits, i bought a new rack just incase it was bent. My only problem is limited money and the fact that...
  7. J

    Wheels-Tires Widest Tire You Can Fit By Flipping Your Quad Shocks?

    I got a 95 Mustang yesterday, I want to buy new rims and I found a good deal on some 17x10.5 rims and I read on the website that you may have to flip or remove your quad shocks to fit. I have seen on other forums that people have flipped their quad shocks for clearance for a 275 tire and the...
  8. Mustang Lowering Springs Install - SVE Springs & Caster Camber Plates (79-04)

    Mustang Lowering Springs Install - SVE Springs & Caster Camber Plates (79-04)

    Need more information on how to lower your Mustang? Click here: Adding a set of lowering springs to any Mustang is a must! Not only do you get the benefits of better handling but you also get rid of that 4x4...