1. johnny21

    Exhaust EGR and SMOG Systems - KOEO code 34

    Hello again! Okay moving onto the next KOEO code - 34 for the 87 5.0. This code is interesting because it does seem like the car runs a little smelly and I would like to make it run better and cleaner if possible. So the previous owner(s) removed all EGR and smog components. Currently installed...
  2. Mr.Roush02

    2002 Stage 2 Roush Mustang "Factory" Tune

    Hello, I recently got flagged by the State of California for Smog issues on my vehicle. They are requiring that I put the "factory" tune back on my car. The issue is that I have a true 2002 Stage 2 Roush mustang and I am not sure what the factory tune is! Is it still a basic 02 GT Tune...
  3. R

    California Registration Help!

    Hi everybody, I'm new to the forums and I don't know much about the smog laws etc.. I am going to purchase an 88 lx vert in Washington tomorrow and was wondering what the process would be to get it registered in California. I've heard there might be different emissions equipment for CA cars and...
  4. U

    What's it Worth? 67 Ford Mustang Thermactor Smog System

    I removed a California Thermactor Smog System from my 1967 Mustang with a 289ci V8 engine. Is there a demand for these parts in the Mustang restoration world? Thanks, Roy
  5. S

    Need help with EGR related issues

    Ok so... all of a sudden I got completely drowned in emissions egr codes. No CEL, everything would pass on my routine KOER and KOEO tests. Then all of a sudden My light comes on. I got home and I got code 332 insuffiecient EGR flow. No problem, I got a used egr valve off a low mileage parts car...
  6. W

    Engine Passing Smog Test - Can't Hold Steady Speed

    In almost all of the People's Republic of Kalifornia, we have to pass a smog test every two years to register our cars. On my most-recent attempt, my 90 LX 5.0 failed because the technician was unable to hold the engine speed (rpm) steady enough to complete the test. Here's how it's supposed...
  7. S

    Saleen S281 Obd2/dlc No Communication Help!

    Sup guys. 1st post, don't hate. I finally had to take to actually asking the forums. First off this isn't the regular No comm issue. I've done as much research as I can and can't find anything to help. I went to smog at a local shop. Nearly nothing has changed since my last smog. I go in...
  8. FrankenStang88

    Engine Smog Delete

    Ok so before you guys call me a "dumb ass redneck", I just want to let you know that the previous owner deleted all the emmisions parts off my 88 gt. I put a new engine in it recently and now the cel is on and its running in limp mode. I havent run the code yet but im 95% sure its the smog...