1. C

    Pip or ECU failure? Help diagnosing

    I'm working on swapping an engine from a 93 GT into an 85 4 cylinder car that was carbureted. The wiring harness and ECU is an A9L from a 91. The fuel pump is a generic CarQuest inline pump. We had it running, but after hooking up the electric fan it won't start. I unhooked the fan and it...
  2. B

    Coolant eruption... car cranks but won’t start... HELP please!

    So I was performing maintenance on my 99 v6 3.8 this past weekend, I replaced the valve cover seals and lower and upper intake manifold gaskets. Reassembled the engine completely and started it up. Car ran for approximately 15-20 while I was bleeding the coolant system. I loosened the upper...
  3. Virgil D

    Engine 1997 Crank No Start, No Fuel Psi, Theft Flashing

    1997 mustang v6 Yesterday after work I had driven about 5 miles and then when I was getting on the highway (current speed 75) and I see my rpm gauge drop instantly to zero, I tap my cluster then take it out of gear to see if its running, its not. I turn the key off then back to the run position...