Engine 1997 Crank No Start, No Fuel Psi, Theft Flashing

Virgil D

New Member
Jan 13, 2017
1997 mustang v6
Yesterday after work I had driven about 5 miles and then when I was getting on the highway (current speed 75) and I see my rpm gauge drop instantly to zero, I tap my cluster then take it out of gear to see if its running, its not. I turn the key off then back to the run position while in neural and then put it back it gear, motor spins but no start and no RPMS on cluster. I then put it in neural band attempt to start it with the key, just cranks. I coast to a gas station at the nearest exit to check it out. Battery had 13.5 volts, grounds were good, coil pack cables were tight, inertia switch good, all fuses good, relieve the fuel pressure off the rail it sprays and then go to prime the fuel pump a few times(can't hear pump, but I am next to a loud highway at this point) ,no pressure when I check again. I push my car to a pump and put 2 gallons in and retest, no pressure. I go to try to start it again and notice the theft light is flashing. I disconnect the battery for a few minutes then reconnect it, turn the key to the on position the light comes on 1 time then goes off ( like normal) then try to start it and it just cranks and the Theft light begins to flash. I ended up calling a tow. What could it be?
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Johnathan Kennedy

New Member
Jan 18, 2017
sounds like you have a ecm issue. same thing happened to me on a different car i thought it could be the pass lock on it turned out after me replacing the lock cylinder and switch and searching wires for days i had the ecm tested and it was bad.