1. C

    Mustang Is Wild And Unpredictable, Please Help?!

    Hey all, I'm new to mustangs, and Ford's in general. I've been working with a friend on his 03' mustang GT v8. It was kind of a mess when I first saw it (intake tubing with clamps missing, ripped silicone connectors, missing wiring, etc.) and I've been bringing it back to life. I fixed the...
  2. Dillon Terry

    2000 Mustang Gt Speedometer Issue!

    How's it going boys, this is my first post on stangforum, but I've been on for weeks reading other posts and searching and so far I didn't find anyone solving this problem. 2000 GT Mustang with a 5 speed manual. When I accelerate down the road the speedometer doesn't start working until I'm...
  3. F

    Newbie, Need Help With Fuses.

    So, I got this 06 mustang from an insurance company and got it fixed up, anyhow. The guy before me had left the amp and sub connections in the the car laying in the trunk, but he had left a power wire back there too that he left open and didnt put tape on. So you know, it touched the amp wire...
  4. Phillip32

    07 Gt

    Hello everyone. I'm just getting my first car and it just happens to be an 07 gt. I want to make it as high performance and loud as possible. I'm on about a 2500 budget. Any advice??
  5. Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 2

    Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 2

    The sequel to the Icon original video: Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle - Nick 'Apex' Brocha is back and this time he brought his Empire teammate, Ernie Vigil. The two are mounted on a pair of crackling Triumph Speed Triples - built by Roaring Toyz for the sole purpose of going sideways. Over the...