1. Eilermoon

    Engine Serpentine Belt Rubbing Near Tensioner

    Hey all! I've had a squeal that's progressively gotten worse and lead me to replace the idler pulleys recently. I took another look with the belt off and can obviously see that it's rubbing the engine block when it's running over the tensioner, as in it doesn't stay on the tensioner enough and...
  2. K

    Engine Belt Squeal that I can't seem to fix... Help Pls!

    Alright, I am at my wit's end now. For about 10 minutes after I start my car, my belt squeals like mad! It also chips at high RPMs. I have replaced: the power steering pulley, Idler pulley, the entire tensioner, and the belt itself. I have checked every pulley and all of them sound fine on their...
  3. B

    Throttle Body Squeaking

    Hey guys first time poster, 2003 GT owner I am getting a squeal when I just lightly tap the gas, that is the only time it squeals. No squeal when at idle. It sounds like it could be air whistling but its very high pitched and sounds like a squeak or squeal. I changed the belt and Idler pulley...