1. wgreenlee4

    How Badly Does Sunroof Impact Body Rigidity?

    Just had my first day at the track with my GT40 engine build. Couldn't get out of the 14 second range due to bad 60 ft :/ Always either wheel hopping or spinning the tires through first. I'm looking into sub frame connectors and boxed lower control arms (avoiding slicks). Now I'm wondering, I...
  2. calebmcgee99

    Need Help With Sun Roof

    Okay, so I'm in a little bit of trouble here. I have a 1989 mustang gt with a leaky sunroof. It is not a factory sunroof car so the dealership put it in back in the day. I'm sure you all know about plastic breaking when it gets older. I can't find a latch any where to fit my car! It connects the...
  3. C

    Expired 88 Mustang Gt

    $4,300 REDUCED AGAIN PRICE REDUCED $4,600---See Pics Below...Asking $5,900 OBO I am selling my 1988 Mustang GT. The vehicle was rebuilt from the ground up by myself and my mechanic about 3 years ago. Only driven about 3,000 miles since. Garage kept. The engine is an Explorer 5.0 with about...