1. Hudson N

    Should it run with IAC unplugged? 04 gt

    I've been having surging issues for a couple of months now. I replaced my IAC and checked for vacume leaks and tested my TPS. The surge is only slight. Maybe 25-50 rpm when its warm and on a real cold start it surges quite a bit for about a minute before smoothing out. I've done a reset and I've...
  2. W

    Engine Passing Smog Test - Can't Hold Steady Speed

    In almost all of the People's Republic of Kalifornia, we have to pass a smog test every two years to register our cars. On my most-recent attempt, my 90 LX 5.0 failed because the technician was unable to hold the engine speed (rpm) steady enough to complete the test. Here's how it's supposed...
  3. F

    Idle Surging Problems

    Hey guys me again, It seems I cant keep go a single week without a major issue coming up on this thing so here's the deal now. I fixed the break up issue I talked about before with a new distributor but the car still wont idle. I have an a9l and an sct chip and I'm starting to believe I have a...