suspension noise

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    2015 GT - Popping noise backing up or going forward from stop & sharp turn

    Hello all, my 2015 GT - 50K miles has a popping noise backing up or going forward from stop & sharp turn. It is coming from the front end and I feel like passenger front. I've been all over the front end tightening bolts and have had no luck locating any issues. All the joints are tight. It's...
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    2006 Mustang GT clicking noise from front end

    Hello everyone! I've got an issue going on with my 06 GT. While driving 50 mph to 70 mph I can hear a clicking noise coming from the front somewhere. I've replaced the wheel bearing assemblies on both sides. The inner and outer tie rods. Oil was just changed. If I drop under 50 mph the sound...
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    2003 GT Vert - Rear end noise

    Just got this ‘03 GT Vert Automatic, 108k miles. The car is making a “rubbing” kinda noise, very noticeable at low speeds <10mph and while turning, not going straight. Could be the tires, brakes, suspension, differential...?
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    Suspension noise

    I have been listening to my car since I had it, I worked on it for a while I have not started modding my suspension, I have stated to hear a rattle/clanking noise as I go to Speed bumps but that's it on there I also hear it when I turn right>> I don't know what it is, I've checked the Sway bar...