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    For Sale 01 SVT Cobra OEM Export Tail Light Wiring Harnesses w/5 Pin Connector

    $360 shipped Lafayette, IN I'm selling my set of 2001 Cobra export style tail light wiring harnesses that have the additional bulb socket for the amber turn signals. Ford OEM parts. They're in great condition and full working order. 5 pin connector intact with all socket seals, mount pins, and...
  2. 3

    New to forum in PA

    I have been out of the mustang game for 10 years, I was always a fox body guy that restored 3 of them. I just picked up this extra clean 01 SVT Cobra from North Carolina and couldn’t be happier. I have a ton to learn about these, but looking forward to it...
  3. V

    1999 Cobra knocking after spark plug blow out

    So my 1999 Cobra had a spark plug blow out about a week ago, and I just got around to fixing it. I used a helicoil kit and tapped new threads (I know that's not exactly the best way to do it, but just something to keep me going for a little longer) and I noticed today that I have a very slight...
  4. J

    Cobra wheels

    I’m new to the Mustang world. I purchased a 98 Cobra last fall. I’m considering selling my wheels for a new set. Any advice on where to post? I put them on Atlanta Craigslist, but the ad is drowned out by all the other parts ads.
  5. 9

    96 Cobra questions

    Hello All, I am new to the 4.6 SVT Cobra. I had a 95 several years back but this is entirely different to me. So my questions are this 96 has 174,000ish miles on it. It's cammed and tuned. 1.Cold start there is always a white'ish smoke eventually goes away, what could that be? Is it a big...
  6. J

    03 mach 1 engine upgrades?

    hi everyone, i currently have a 03 mach 1 engine inside of a 2000 mustang gt and am looking for parts i can add on now while running N/A but that i can possibly use for boost later. Its hard enough to find parts for this engine so i do need ideas and help, so far all i have is a CAI and a full...
  7. E

    SOLD Wrecked 2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt

    Please read description before contacting me. I am in NO way at all intrested in parting this car out. The car will be sold as is, what you see in the pic is what you get. The car is a 2001 Ford Mustang GT Bullitt #03957 DHG. The car was involved in a single vehicle accident (both air bags...
  8. J

    Looking At A 1999 Svt Cobra...need A Few Answers

    So I'm looking to buy a 1999 SVT Cobra but I know when it comes to older cars you need to find the right one that has been maintained well and I was just looking for a bit more information about what to look for on these cars. First off its a 1999 Svt Cobra with 134,000 miles and hes asking for...
  9. Heberto Garcia

    Expired Tokico D-specs (dsp-3)

    Product Description as described on Lightning Motorsports "Tokico’s D-Spec Series adjustable shock is a multi-use product that’s the result of sophisticated piston and valving design. In addition, it utilizes a unique variable-aperture bypass, which is controlled by an adjustable slide valve...
  10. Svtfanatic03

    SOLD 2003 Mustang Cobra Svt $20k Obo

    Up for sale my baby. Currently 62,965 miles. It could go up a bit as I drive it some weekend days. The car is bone stock. I have had it for about 7 years and the last 4 I have driven it very little because I was away from home in the military. The car turn heads everywhere. I will try to upload...
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    Expired 94 Mustang Cobra With 04 Cobra Irs

    Genuine 1994 Mustang Cobra SVT with 2004 SVT Independent Rear Suspension (IRS). Very rare opportunity to own a Cobra with IRS handling and the well recognized push-rod 5.0. Have a Ford Dealership receipt from previous owner for engine install at 101,613 miles. As is. Asking $7500. San Diego, CA...
  12. Mustang Cobra Grille Insert Installation - 5.0Resto (87-93 Fox Body)

    Mustang Cobra Grille Insert Installation - 5.0Resto (87-93 Fox Body)

    See our 1993 Cobra Grille Insert Kit here: 1987-93 FORD MUSTANG 93 COBRA GRILLE INSERT KIT Brand: 50resto Part # LRS-8200F Fits: Ford Mustang GT & LX Years: 1987 (87) - 1988 (88) - 1989 (89) - 1990...