For Sale 01 SVT Cobra OEM Export Tail Light Wiring Harnesses w/5 Pin Connector

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Nov 11, 2021
Lafayette, IN
$360 shipped
Lafayette, IN

I'm selling my set of 2001 Cobra export style tail light wiring harnesses that have the additional bulb socket for the amber turn signals. Ford OEM parts. They're in great condition and full working order. 5 pin connector intact with all socket seals, mount pins, and body grommets. L/H and R/H designated. They haven't been modified or cut at all. Bulbs not included.

PM me for any questions, further details, or offers. Thanks


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I know I'm a new member on here but I'm not a new Cobra owner or BS fraud dealer. Just haven't joined many forums online for mustangs over the time. I'm not looking to get rich off of stuff, by any means, so I'm willing to take offers and negotiate on these harnesses and other parts I'm looking to sell possibly.

Will include the bulbs with these harnesses posted above. Initially I didn't list that obviously but that's not a problem to include them.

Also, I do have the 01 Cobra export taillights with the additional amber lights that I'll be posting soon with pics and description. Would be willing to make a deal for the harnesses, bulbs, and tail lights all together more than likely too.

Please lmk if there's any interest in the whole set-up or certain parts if anyone is serious about them. Thanks again to everyone and stangnet.

I just registered to this website and can't PM you. Please send me a text at 7zero8-nine35-9902 or email me. Very interested with cash in hand. Was about to pull the trigger on a set through Facebook but just saw your listing with harness. Thank you.