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    5.0 swap 88 into 93

    I have a 93 2.3 manual and currently have the opportunity to pick up a good running donor car that is an 88 5.0 manual, but it has no title. Being new to this I’ve been looking everywhere for an answer to my question. I know the engine harness will have to be used but since the two years are...
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    Electrical Can you use the 4cyl electric fan controller in a 5.0 swap?

    I’m swapping a 5.0 engine from an 87 into an 89 which was originally a 2.3L. I know the 4cyl fan won’t fit, but could the electric fan controller and wiring from the 4cyl be used with an electric fan setup meant for a 5.0? I have the SVE Electric Fan Conversion Kit, which I guess could just be...
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    Mating a 1994 Mustang 5.0L to a 1988 2.3L body harness, HELP!

    So I had a wrecked 1994 that I pulled 99% of all usable parts off of, and a 1988 I had bought a while back. I'm hooking up a 1994 engine harness to the body, but I'm stuck on a few connectors and at this point I'm thinking I'll have to cut/wire/repin parts of the harness. The problem is, I can't...