t-5 swap

  1. 9

    94 gt 5.0 aode swapped to T5

    So I bought a 94 gt 5.0 that has a 5 speed trans. Since I bought it it's always had this miss or bucking when cruising at highway speeds. I have the obd1 scanner for it and ran codes and I got 637, 654, 621, 622, 652, 624. All of which are for an aode trans. My question is is there a way to wire...
  2. R

    90 GT project

    Hi Neighbors Just newly Became a member and I excited to meet and talk to you all about my project. It’s a black 90 GT convertible automatic and she needs work. I’m very interested in what experience you all have with this or similar cars. First and foremost I want a world class T5 to put in...
  3. Barron91lx

    Fox Computer Swap with Transmission

    Is it necessary to swap out computers when converting to a manual transmission? I recently realized my car was originally an automatic. Thanks
  4. Sheep Dowg

    Gt40p Blues Stuck In Da Stable.

    Greeting Stangnet, This is my first thread ever. I feel like I’m posting wrong because there is lots of GT40P info in here. So here goes. My Stalions a 68 Coup, 90EFI, newly machined GT40P Heads, T-5 tranny with newly installed clutch cable. I didn’t do my resurch well enough as I have newly...
  5. C

    Help Choosing Auto Transmission

    All, I am planning to swap out my T-5 manual for an automatic transmission (yeah, yeah, I know). I currently have a '65 Fastback, Ford Racing Crate 306 (340 hp) with EFI, 9" Versaille rear axle, Total Control front front end, power steering and brakes. I am looking for opinions on what type of...