tail lights

  1. A

    WTB/Trade WTB black or blue 87-93 gt tail lights

    looking for black or blue 87-93 gt tail lights looking to pay about 100 for the pair
  2. T

    For Sale 01 SVT Cobra OEM Export Tail Light Wiring Harnesses w/5 Pin Connector

    $360 shipped Lafayette, IN I'm selling my set of 2001 Cobra export style tail light wiring harnesses that have the additional bulb socket for the amber turn signals. Ford OEM parts. They're in great condition and full working order. 5 pin connector intact with all socket seals, mount pins, and...
  3. Eilermoon

    Raxiom Sequential Tail Light Issues

    Hey all, I've read through a few threads regarding these but didn't quite find a fix for my issue. I received and installed the Raxiom sequential tail light harnesses from AM last week and put them in yesterday. Installation is ridiculously easy, so definitely no problems there. But after...
  4. J

    WTB/Trade Cervinis tail light conversion kit

    I am looking for a Cervinis 05-09 Mustang tail light conversion kit. I recently bought a 07 GT with the Cervinis Eleanor body kit on it and would really like to finish it off with these tail lights. Cervinis stopped making this kit sometime ago. Would really like a NIB kit but would also...
  5. V

    Get Sequential Turn Signals Back

    Hi! I recently bought an imported S550 GT here in Switzerland. Now in order to easily pass inspection etc., the previous owner changed the turn signals so that they all light up at the same time, instead of them lighting up sequentially. Some shop apparently did it, I have no idea who though...
  6. J

    Paint and Body 1992 GT - gt tail lights "cheese grater" cover

    i want to tint my stock gt tail lights but i need to remove the covers first, how do i remove it without ruining it so i can put it back on after? and how do i put it back on?
  7. H

    Reverse Tail Light Swap - '14 lights on a '16. Weird right?

    Okay, this is a weird one and might not really be doable, but I'm hoping someone has a bright idea - I'm actually trying to modify the back end of my 2016 ecoboost with aftermarket tail lights from a 2014. The electronics all work fine, but obviously the actual light housing is a different size...