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    Inconsistent Car Tapping/Rattling After Header Install

    Hello, I'm working on a manual 2004 Mustang GT 5 speed that's been making an awful tapping/rattling noise. It is very loud(hard to have a conversation close to the car while running) and is inconsistent. It seems to speed up with the engine, but the sound is off beat from the rhythm of the...
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    Tapping Under Valve Covers, Sewing Machine Noise?

    my 66 coupe, 351W has a tapping sound that we can't seem to cure? like said its like a fast sewing machine sound and to cure it we've redone the cam/lifters/roller tip rockers and adjusted the valves several times? it's a comp cam (hydraulic), trick flow roller rockers 1.6, alum heads, edelbrock...