thermostat housing leak

  1. jimonlight

    Coolant System Fun!!!

    Gentlemen and ladies, Jim here. Lifetime tinkerer, DIY guy, concert lighting dude. My Mustang is a silver 2010 V6 4.0L, plain jane silver, black interior, I love my girl. I drive the mustang also for business trips, and this last one from Memphis to Oklahoma City I was driving home late at...
  2. fisher54

    Leaky Aftermarket Thermostat Housings

    I thought I would share a recent experience with the lowly thermostat housing. I wanted a new one and these are easy to acquire aftermarket for most any 289/302/351W from the 60s to the 90s. After installing with the paper gasket and some Form-a-Gasket No. 2, it promptly blew out the gasket...