torque box

  1. P

    Torn torque boxes

    Hey guys so about a year ago i picked up a 1989 lx hatch and recently my torque box has torn the car sat somewhere for a while so it’s a bit rusty underneath but it’s cracked in half and it’s cracked the floor, how should i go about fixing this? a friend of mine said he could make me a brace...
  2. 92fox50

    Lower torque box replacement or reinforcement?

    Hi all, I currently have my fox apart and I am putting the original engine back in with turbos, better pistons rods cam and such. I was taking a look at my lower torque boxes and noticed that they are in rough shape. There is cracking on both sides and the overall shape is very distored. (...
  3. T

    93 convertible torque box reinforcements

    Has anyone done torque box reinforcements on a foxbody vert, every website that sells reinforcements says that they aren’t recomended for convertibles?
  4. LarsD

    Torque boxes?

    I did a search and didn't find anything. Are the torque boxes weak on the 94+ cars like they are on the 79-93 Foxes? I want to know if I will need to upgrade them on my Cobra or not once I get DR's for it.