1. Gabe_02Ruby

    Wheel And Tire Reccomendations

    So recently I've been thinking about getting new rims and tires for my 02 GT vert.(Currently have stock 17x8 bullits) I was originally going to get New bullitt rims quick were 17x9 and 17x10.5 with 275 in the front, 315 in the back. But recently I've started drooling over the 18x9 and 18x10.5...
  2. N

    Electrical Tc Button

    okay I know there's a lot of posts about this certain topic, but I need a specific answer. Aright, so I bought a new TC button and the "off" light will not turn on. The "trac count" still glows though. Fuses are totally good. The bulb should be fine on it because it worked when I bought it. Is...