1. Nick Bos

    1970 Mustang Coupe Headers Question And Help

    Hello all, I have a 1970 ford mustang base with a stock 302. I'm thinking about getting some hooker headers (part # 6901HKR) or some shorty hedman headers (part #88400). I'm not sure if I should get the shorty headers or the long tube headers. Both say they are for the 1970 mustang 302 and are...
  2. Nick Bos

    1970 Mustang 302 Base Carb Question

    Hello all, I am thinking about purchasing a edelbrock 600 cfm carburetor (part number 1406). I'll be bolting it to the stock intake manifold that came with the original ford 302. The original carburetor was a motorcraft 2150, not sure if that helps. Anyways the question is if I need any gaskets...
  3. Nick Bos

    1970 Mustang Coupe-- Hesitation When Accelerating Question

    Hello all, I am new to forums in general and I thought the perfect time to join one is when I purchased a classic mustang. Anyways the problem I'm having is whenever I hit the gas hard, the car hesitates for about 2-3 seconds then finally revs up and goes. Its pretty bothersome and annoying...