1. G

    What Tuner to Buy

    Hi I have my 2001 mustang GT that I've been working on and I'm ready to get a tuner for it but I keep seeing mixed feelings on many of the tuners, the programs, and the companies as a whole. Any advice of what one to invest in? I want a hand held that I can get live readings off of. thanks
  2. Colb


    Hey everyone, I bought an intune-I1000 diablosport tuner and have it unlocked and married to my 2002 GT. I recently put long tubes and a catless mid pipe on and I am looking to get a tune that will optimize the car for those long tubes and also turn off the O2’s down stream. I put MIL’s on the...
  3. V

    2005 Mustang Gt- Failsafe Engine Mode (paxton supercharger)

    I have a 2005 mustang gt that I've owned for about 2 months. The car has a Paxton Novi supercharger installed, and it was controlled by a Diablo tuner with a "custom" tune downloaded to it from the previous owner. After leaving a red light (in first gear) the car lost all power and went into...
  4. Bbearden101

    Tuner questions

    I am stuck on the fence between a Cobb accessport v3, and a unleashed tunning x,x4 from what I've seen the unleashed x, and x4 offer the biggest tq, and hp gains after plug in and upload. But I'm wondering if anyone has input on the ease of uploading future tunes to any of these. A tuner, and...