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Apr 2, 2018
I am stuck on the fence between a Cobb accessport v3, and a unleashed tunning x,x4 from what I've seen the unleashed x, and x4 offer the biggest tq, and hp gains after plug in and upload. But I'm wondering if anyone has input on the ease of uploading future tunes to any of these. A tuner, and cold air intake will be my first upgrades for my 2017 Ecoboost so I will be hooking the tuner up on a pretty much stock system therefore coming back to my previous question about the ease of future tunning when I hook up a 3 inch downpipe, exaust, intercooler, and charge pipes. I don't ever plan on hooking up nos so no need for a tuner adaptable for it, everything I will upgrade in the future will be strictly engine, and bolt ons
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