v6 to v8

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    V6 to v8 swap no crank, no fuel issue.

    I have a 1996 mustang v6 that I swapped a 1998 mustang v8 engine and trans into. I bought a 98 donor car that ran and drove and did the drop the cradle method. After the swap was done, I couldn’t get the car to start, but it would indeed crank. (There was no theft light) after some more research...
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    Engine swap

    I have a 2000 mustang gt and the front end was hit leaving the struts forward bent, I found a v6 mustang a year newer that’s blown up but the body is immaculate on it, any advice on swapping my engine and transmission into the v6 mustang? I know obviously engine, tranny, cluster, ecu, but other...
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    Will V8 Exhaust Manifold Flanges Fit V6

    Hello I've looked around for specific numbers and can't really get anything my question is will 99to 04 gt exhaust flanges fit a v6 same year I want to weld up my own turbo exhaust manifold but the only thing available are v8 flanges with aPort Size: 1.30" x 2.162" . Obviously I'd cut the extra...