vortech supercharger

  1. A

    Wrench Light Mustang GT

    I have 2006 Mustang GT with a Vortech supercharger. It's pushing 460 whp and 455 tq. It was seeming off a couple weeks ago, jerking around in the lower gears like a wild bull. I then installed an air raid throttle body spacer to add a little more throttle response. I was getting a wrench light...
  2. kamikaze5.0

    V-1 Supercharger Belt Questions

    Hello, I am looking to see if anyone has installed a V-1 supercharger on a fox without a smog pump and AC. I installed everything last night and i am looking to start figuring the serpentine belt. anyone have any ideas on how to run the serpentine belt without the smog or AC system? Or does...
  3. R

    For Sale V2 Vortech Supercharger Kit 2000-04 $4500 OBO Rochester NY

    I'm trying to sell this Vortech Supercharger Kit for my boss that was bought for her Exhusband's 2002 4.6L Mustang GT. I have more pictures and I will do my best to answer questions. This system is Brand New I only unboxed and unwrapped to sell it. She's asking $4,500 OBO I'm located in...