wilwood offset backspacing wheel rim fit

  1. O

    Wheels-Tires Offset of new 2019 Mustang GT 18x8 wheels

    I'm ordering a new 2019 Mustang GT premium with the standard 18x8 wheels/tires. I would like to change the wheels to something a bit more unique. What is the offset of the factory 18x8 wheels?
  2. SVTrojan

    Fox Wheel Choices For Fox With 12.88" Wilwood Kit

    I have a 1992 Mustang notchback that we have been working on. Has the 94/95 spindles and hubs, and we added the big brake kit (12.88") from Wilwood for the 1994+ mustangs. I'm trying to find a rim that will fit this setup with the correct backspacing and offset. Has anyone installed this kit on...