wiring help

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    Power Windows

    96 vert gt power everything. My problem is the same one which has been asked at all pony forums I am a participant in. I have seen no analogous problem, so I recorded it malfunctioning, then starting to work, then stop – start – ablahblah. I have replaced the switch, and it still malfunctions...
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    Electrical Wiring Help - Alternator and Battery

    I am in need of some help with wiring my alternator - starter - battery in my 65 Mustang. I am doing a full restomod (car has been gutted and is being completely built back up) and can't seam to get a concise answer on the best way to wire my 140a 1-wire alternator with a PMGR Starter and my...
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    Electrical car is possessed please help was supposed to leave for a 1200 mile trip tody

    Ok guys im going to try and explain this as best as I can my 1993 mustang gt is acting crazy!! So for the past week or so ive had a few electrical issues nothing I was to worried about. A few examples are my dome light went out. My headlights flashed once and about a month ago my headlights went...
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    83 Gt Engine Wiring Harness?

    I bought this car last month and im in the process of getting it back on the road, and the wiring for the engine is all cooked and cracked and im wondering where to go to find a replacement? Figured id ask before i went ahead and remade it from scratch.