1. M

    Engine Dies And Backfires At Wot

    1993 Mustang LX 5.0 manual. This is my son’s first car. It is a father/son project. It was wrecked in the front pretty bad when he bought it. We restored it ourselves and it is his daily driver. It was said to been bored .40 over. No records provided of build. It runs and idles well. The problem...
  2. merc123

    Engine Intermittent Power Loss Wot

    I've had an intermittent power loss issue at wide open throttle and I'm stuck. I can get car rolling and put into second (1500-1600 RPMs) and stomp it. It will hesitate and stumble a little (normalish) and then accelerate hard like normal. Then you can feel the loss of power all of a sudden...
  3. Tanton81

    Fueling Issues

    So I have 98 gt, have had for sometime now but just decided to pull out of the garage and start to play around with. When I bought it, it came wt a 83mm maf, 24lbs injectors, and I'm wanting to say its a 76mm throttle body and a cold air intake. All of it is BBK. Now I'm assuming it's a stock...