wrench light

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    HELP! 06 mustang roush 4.6l v8 stage 2. Throwing a wrench

    Help!!!! I have a 2006 Ford mustang roush V8 4.6l stage 2. I had to replace the motor because it went bad so I got a 08 GT convertible motor with less than 100,000 miles. Got home tore motor apart and found out it just had new timing chains, 1 new phaser, new guides and 2 new tensioners, valve...
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    Wrench Light Mustang GT

    I have 2006 Mustang GT with a Vortech supercharger. It's pushing 460 whp and 455 tq. It was seeming off a couple weeks ago, jerking around in the lower gears like a wild bull. I then installed an air raid throttle body spacer to add a little more throttle response. I was getting a wrench light...