SOLD 05-09 Mustang Bi-xenon Hid Projector Headlights (complete Retrofit By Sick Hids)

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Nov 19, 2011
I had these professionally built by Sick HIDs in California for my 2005 Mustang GT using like new factory Ford OEM headlights. These are genuine high end HID projector lenses, not just some HID bulbs tossed in a headlight casing that's going to blind everybody in oncoming traffic. These are built with "demon eyes" that can be wired into the parking lights or wired into another secondary switch if you want to use them at car shows etc... The "demon eyes" light up the projectors with a glowing red effect. There is a relay built into the system for the red lights to kick off once the main HID lights come on if the demon eyes are accidentally left on. These are true 2.5" bi-xenon projectors with 55 watt HIDs (5000K), slim ballasts and a plug-n-play harness. I've got $600 in these along with a 6 month wait. I sold my mustang before these were finished being built.

$450 shipped to your door



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I know it's been over a year but do you still have these?

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