'05 Shaker MP3 File Format


New Member
May 13, 2005
Has anyone figured out the correct file naming convention to get MP3 files to display song, artist and album data correctly on the display of the 2005 Mach systems? This is my first MP3 player in a vehicle.

I have noticed that the player displays song information from the filename, not from the ID3 tag.

Gracias to anyone who can help!

I found out the hard way that I need use native MP3 formatted files only. My files were ripped into MP3Pro with a variable bit rate. The player could not handle the decoding.

I also noticed that, irregardless or how you order files on the disk, the player puts the files into alphabetical order! You gotta be kidding me! I might have to just get an RF device for my portable MP3 player. :mad:
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