[email protected] Project 2VNA-10 first time out..


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Feb 26, 2002
West Palm Beach
For details on the project, check out

Decided to head to the track today to try out the new combo. Right before leaving, I was hooking up the line lock but couldn't get it to work. Normally I just use the heel toe method, but that's not really possible with the manual brakes. Decided to go anyway.

First pass I decided to baby it just to feel it out. Put 12lbs. in the slicks, launched at about 4,500 and granny shifted. I was a bit surprised by the timeslip:)

Here it is compared to my old best with the old combo:

1/8 mile..7.491.....7.258
1/8 mile..91.63.....94.370
1/4 mile..11.729....11.389
1/4 mile..116.39....119.820

Corrected ET's
[email protected]@123.58

I then decided to try and make a full run, launch high, power shift, etc. Turns out I'm sucking the bucket in the fuel tank dry. On the 1-2 shift, it hiccuped pretty bad, then the car shut off around the 1,000 ft. mark.

On that run I cut a 1.48 60':eek: and still ran a [email protected]

Put more fuel in, but had the same problem, so decided to call it a day. Gene has offered me his return style setup, so I may buy a fuel cell and do that.

I'd like to thank Brandon, my crew chief
Danielle for video taping
Gene for using his tow rig
Fox Lake for the killer engine
SCT & Jerry for some killer tuning software
my Dad for all the help getting the car to this point
and anyone else that has lent a hand, there has been many people involved in this project.

I'll try and get the video of the 11.38 up by the weekend.

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Feb 26, 2002
West Palm Beach
Made it back to the track tonight

Previous best was an [email protected] with a 1.51 60'

Changes since last time:
Modified fuel bucket so it wouldn't suck dry. Need to run more fuel in the tank, so I added about 40lbs.

Changed 4.30 gears to 4.56's

On the first run tonight the car kicked sideways really bad during the burnout. Really had no burnout at all. I left this slip at the shop so I don't have the whole breakdown:

1.54 60'
[email protected]

Damn! That 120 was soooo close. With no burnout and shortshifting 1st, I was pretty happy with that.

Second run the car kicked sideways worse during the burnout. One the 1-2 shift the car shut off. Still not sure what exactly happened.

After getting back to the pits I decided to see what the problem was with it kicking sideways. It was almost exactly what Gene's car was doing when the anti roll was bent. Got under the car and that was fine but both upper control arms were loose. Not the connecting points, but the jam nuts. So one was longer causing the rear to not be square. Did my best to rough it back in.

Last run the burnout was fine. Only cut a 1.50 60' and ran a [email protected] I think I raised my shift points too high on that one. I was shifting at around 7,300 RPM.

The best news from the night was the first run of [email protected] corrects to an [email protected] at sea level. Planning to hit the track again Saturday afternoon.

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May 26, 2003
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Thats a really high rpm setup you have going for your car. I was wondering when you were going to change to steeper gears. Anyhow, do you think you could squeeze by with 4.88's :D. I'm sure if you could, that would help to get you going even faster. Considering the fact that you're car gained 40lbs. and you still beat your best time by .050 and you had to adjust to the new gears, I'de say all and all you did pretty good. When you getting the new intake put on ? Let us know when you go 10's. I've got to see this.:nice: