12 Years Of Bolt-ons And He Bought A Blower

This is my rust bucket that I have been throwing money at...

I have a 2001 Mustang GT with the following:
-BBK 75mm Throttlebody
-Ported Upper Intake to match 75mm TB
-Typhoon lower intake
-Patriot Stage 2 Ported Heads
-Comp Cams Stage 1 cam
-JBA Shorty Headers
-Flowmaster catback (cut and moved muffler forward then modified to exit as side exhaust)
-180 degree thermostat
-BBK 300lph fuel pump
-2700 stall convertor
-Performance Automatic tranny (same as stock but their internals)
-custom forged internals / cobra crank engine / PA flex plate
-MSD coil on plugs

I just picked up an intercooled stage 2 procharger that is missing bolts/all fuel upgrades for $1700...

My BBK fuel pump and a set of injectors should be fine? What size injectors do you think and what do you guys think I'll be in the ballpark of? 8psi for now... I'm still looking for a tuner to install/dyno tune it that I would trust and the Delta Force Sniper tuning kit I have has been proving to be garbage with "buy an upgrade" as their answer for me as to me throwing lean codes no matter what settings I select....
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I think I will be sad if I'm only making 420rwhp :-( I just sold my C6 Corvette and I'd like to be comparably fast. ($650 /each back tires, $800 for only brake pads, $1500 for cracked windshield, $800 one stereo amp, etc. and I just sold it to be rid of it)

Will probably be changing pulleys if that is all that I get... I was shooting for somewhere in the 500 range but everything has to either look stock or have a CARB EO number on it for me to not get raped by smog laws.

Passed smog with almost everything on my list so far. This dyno was pre-heads, lower intake, MSD coils and on an SCT dyno tune from JBA.

Sniper was as far as I was willing to try for tuning... Think I'll Ebay it since I'm severely disappointed with their "your MAF isn't on our list, buy the more expensive package" "we don't support a basic cam" etc. Car hasn't had the check engine light off since I started messing with that tuning software... I asked for help and they just said to buy a product I would probably even less understand... only wanted it since I planned to do gears, etc. but not all at once. (then I found supercharger at a price I liked and being frugal went out the window)
Hmm, I have never had an issue with Sniper and every time I call they have no problems helping me as much as they can or, just telling me tom come on by the shop for more help ( I only live about 45 mins away).