1965 Mustang 289 cooling temp sensor?


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Mar 3, 2010
Hello everyone! New to website. Could someone please tell me where the temp sensor is located on the 289 engine and what color wire runs to the gauge. I have looked and do not see the sensor or any loose wires. Could it be located on the left head under the a/c compressor? Thanks! Granny
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The temp sensor is next to, almost under, the distributor.

Right in the center of this photo:

Here's a handy wiring/vacuum diagram link to save:
Index of /~djhamma/wiring/1965

According to file '1965g.jpg' your temp sensor wire should be red w/white stripe, there is a 90* elbow on the end.

You can see mine ('67 289) in this pic, it's gold (brass) and just below the inline black fuel filter and just right of the dist. in the pic:

They are available at your local parts store, I look for Standard Ign., Blue Streak, BWD, Niehoff etc. for quality USA parts.
I must be blind

I don't know I could miss that. It is right behind the dist. looking toward the rear of the car. It is pretty small and I just missed it. Thanks for your help. Granny
Wiring Info

JonK! Thanks a lot for your wiring info. Im saving this in case I need it later. I found the wires and the sensor. I grounded the wire at the sensor and the gauge and the gauge went to High. Bad sensor! Thanks everybody! Granny