1965 Mustang Front Coil Over Problems! HELP?!?

Apr 4, 2010
Hey guys,i recently did a coil over front suspension, with rack and pinion steering from Hoffman group on my 65 mustang. We had nothing but problems with this kit, and now are having problems after having dropped the motor in it, and driving it. Once you start off driving it, it is fine, but it is after about 5-10 miles there is a knocking noise coming from what seems like the front spring?? It makes this noise on both sides, but mainly on the passenger side now. When you pull over, you can push on the front fender and rock it, and it makes the knocking noise over and over, even on fairly flat roads. When you get under the car, and put your hand on the spring, and have someone rock the car, there is a vibration in the spring. But after taking off the spring and shock, and reassembling it, it still makes the same noise. Absolutely any feed back you can give,would be great. Thanks alot guys.
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