1967 shelby grill on a 1968 mustang

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Those weren't driving lights. The 67 Shelby had 4 5" headlights instead of the 2 7" lights of the Mustang. The ones in the grille were the high beams. Shelby intended them all to have the center-mounted high beams, but this turned out to be illegal in some states, so they ended up with two versions.


Also, I don't think they'll fit behind the grille of a standard Mustang setup, at least not the way they are in Shelbys. If you'd like I'll snap some pics of mine soon and post them. It's a simple setup and not much to install, but it does block airflow to the radiator a bit. But the coolness factor offsets any problems in my opinion.
While I don't have any answers on putting them in a standard Mustang grille, here's some shots of how they attach to a Shelby front end




blast you and you're perfect year round driving weather!!! :fuss:

I'm thinking of doing the same with my 68 only with the outboard design and using the lowbeam setting of the bulb and tieing them into the fog lights....some relay work but I do alot of driving on low beams/fogs/driving lights