WTB/Trade 1985 - 1993 / V8 / 5SPD / Hardtop (Hatch / Coupe)


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May 2, 2018
South Carolina
Looking for an 85' - 93' V8 / 5 Speed Hardtop car. She doesn't need to be a beauty queen or low mile by any stretch of the imagination but I don't want a total basket case of a car either (you all know what I'm talking about). A clean body is a must but I could care less about the condition of the paint. Mechanical issues are ok as well. My budget is 10K, and for 10k I would like to be able to drive the car.

I am looking for a car I am not going to feel guilty modifying, also did the 4 cylinder swap headache before. While it was fun and I learned a lot, NEVER AGAIN.

Located in the Southeast and willing to travel or ship a car.

V/R Mike
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