Expired 1994/95 + 1996/04 Spindle And Hub Assemblies (refurb + Used)

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I have a pair of refurbished 1994/95 Mustang spindle assembies. OEM Ford spindle core that has been cleaned, blasted, inspected, and powdercoated. Brand new OEM quality replacement hub assembly complete with dust cover and hub nut. Professionally assembled and proper torque specifications met. Standard length studs. Comes assembled and ready to be installed! Comes as shown in photo. These are very nice pieces. All work performed by a shop.

-Perfect for a 5 lug conversion.
-1 year manufacturer warranty.

$400.00 Shipped
**These are fairly heavy. Standard UPS ground.

Refurbished 1996-04 units also available. Same price.

Unrefurbished 1994/95 and 1996/04 units are $200.00 shipped.



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