1994 Ford Mustang GT with 127k miles

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Nov 13, 2003
1994 Ford Mustang GT with 127k miles in BURBANK, CA. I bought the car back in 2004 and have only put a little over 20k miles on it since. There are problems with the car. I'm going to list every detail that I know is wrong with the car so you know what the condition of the car is.

Registration new in January 2010, and just passed smog. Fully clean title, Power windows (driver side motor burnt out), power locks (driver side switch broken I think), AC works great but there is a leak where the metal tubing changes to rubber. I'm sure it can be fixed easily. A random check engine lights comes on then goes off. I have a little computer scanner that checks the codes, but I haven't gotten around to check the code that is throwing the intermittent check engine. Black leather interior, with Sony CD player, Rockford Fosgate 6.5 inch in the front and ABS 5.5 in the rear.

The Bad:
Crack in the windshield, weather stripping on the windshield is cracking, the clutch adjustment is messed up and it grabs way high on the pedal, I believe the main input shaft bearing to be worn out as the tranny makes a whining noise in gears 1-3 and 5, but not 4. The exhaust has some rattle. Stress crack on hood, stress cracks on the bumpers, hood is missing both mini scoops on the side, front left of the car scraped (basic scratch), slight dent in the driver side fender, crappy front tires, tear in the leather of the driver side, paint clear coat is weathered.

What I've replaced since I bought the car:
BBK Cold Air Intake, water cooler, alternator, started, radiator, front and rear calipers, front and rear rotors, Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates, Tokico shocks and struts, H&R 1 1/2 inch lowering springs, Ford Racing Flywheel, u-joints, BBK Aluminum Clutch Quadrant, Idle Air Control Valve, O2 sensors, and U-joints.

The engine still runs great has been taken care of. The biggest problem with the car is the clutch adjustment, tranny whine and the cosmetic stuff. When I find the time to detail a black car I can get it to look pretty decent.

Please contact me with any other questions at [email protected]. I'm away from home at school during the week so I can only entertain requests to see or buy the car Thurs-Sun. I really just want to get rid of the car. $1000 cash takes it. Local inquiries only for now please.

Here are photos of all the trouble areas I want to highlight and other pictures:
Edit: It only let me put 2 photos in this post. Extra photos below.


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When can I come and get the car?
Michael 480-399-1570.

Hey sorry. I forgot to subscribe to the thread for e-mail alerts. Anytime Saturday or Sunday this weekend is fine. I'm going to work on adjusting the exhaust to get rid of a rattle.

Are you local? I'm in the Burbank Hills.
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