1995 Cobra... 331, Vortech, TKO, Griggs and more!

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May 19, 2010

I'm putting my 1995 Cobra up for sale. It is a relatively low mileage car (87k), has never been wrecked and overall is in great shape. I can email you the CarFax from when I bought it (just shy of a year ago) to verify the mileage and no wreck history. It will also show that before I bought the car it was a CA car nearly it's entire life.

Below are a list of the details and photos. The basics are the short block has about 5k miles on it, the trans has about 10k miles. The current mileage on the car is 87,500 and will continue to go up but slowly (I only drive it on nice weather days).

Piedmont Custom Motorsports here in Raleigh, NC tuned the car and it put down 509/490 with ~12 psi with 11.5-11.9 A/F. I've only had it at the track once (before trac-loc rebuild) and due to horrid one-wheel-peel action the best I could muster was like a 12.4 @ 118. The mph is certainly there for the expected mid 11 sec pass that the car should run. I think with a better set of heads this car is easily capable of 550-600 rwhp and 10 sec 1/4 mile passes. That is at your discretion though... this block is perfectly safe at its current power level and many have pushed the B51 blocks to 600+ but the car is pretty quick as is and I didn't feel like pressing my luck.

I've also had the car at one HPDE event at VIR. The suspension setup on this car is awesome for a combo track/street car. It is obviously stiffer than the factory setup but it isn't jarring. If you're more into tracking the car all it needs is a more aggressive alignment and some race-specific tires. Right now it's setup for a nice handling street car which can easily be tracked on the weekend as is.

I do not have to sell the car and I'm not really in any rush. If it doesn't sell that's OK. I'm only attempting to get rid of it b/c I've got a couple other places the money might be put to better use.

Asking $13,000... will come with all stock parts I have, which isn't a lot but does include the stock '95 hood. If you do not want the '98 hood and the hood shocks attached to it you can knock $250 off the price.

Respond here, PM or email me at [email protected] with any questions or requests for additional photos.


Sportsman B51 block bored/stroked to 331 with girdle
Scat crank and rods w/ Clevite coated bearings
Mahle forged pistons (16cc dish, with current heads approximately 8.7:1 C/R)
GT40X heads (ported and polished) with larger valves, comp springs, 10* locks & retainers
Trickflow roller chain & pushrods
FMS blue 1.6 roller rockers
Comp Blower Cam (Grind # 284h-r14)
ARP hardware throughout
Systemax upper intake with ported/polished Ford truck lower
Vortech V2-Si blower (just replaced, less than 1000 miles on it)
ASP Custom 8” crank pulley & 3.6” upper (makes ~12psi), also included is a 3.33” pulley if you want to go for more HP/TQ
AFM Powerpipe with 92mm MAF
BBK Longtubes & O/R H-pipe with Bassani catback (very little drone)
Canton pan
Large Fluidyne radiator
Aluminum catch can attached to AN lines coming off valve covers

Ignition System
Crane Cams Fireball Ignition Box
MSD distributor & plug wires
New coil

Fuel System
60lb injectors
Brand new Walbro H.O. 255 lph fuel pumps (one in-tank and one external) both quiet
Stock fuel lines and rails

TKO600 transmission w/ Lakewood blow-proof bell housing
Centerforce DFX clutch w/ Steeda clutch cable kit
Custom aluminum driveshaft
3.73 gears
Trac-loc recently rebuilt (carbon fiber disks & Royal Purple fluid) – to be completely honest this really could still use one more shim but I haven’t gotten around to pulling cover back off
Pro 5.0 Shifter

Griggs GR40 suspension package (major components are – TQ Arm, Panhard Bar, Coilovers, Subframe connectors, C/C plates, Koni adjustable shocks (front only)).

Wheels & Tires
Saleen SC-style wheels (17x9 and 17x10)
Front tires – Michelin Pilot Primacy (5/32 tread left)
Rear tires – Nitto 555RII (approximately 2500 miles on them)
1” Maximum Motorsports hub-centric wheel spacers

-I believe the entire car has been repainted but it appears to have been a decent respray
-The paint is nice and shiny and overall the car looks excellent from any distance but there are small scratches, chips and dents on the car. I openly admit the car does not look at clean as it does in most of the photos. Willing to send photos of major imperfections if you’re seriously interested.
-I do have an extra passenger side lower rocker panel and fender flare (both factory black) that will come with the car. The one on the car is cracked but it is underneath and is not visible. I picked these replacements up cheap and had intentions of swapping them on if I decided to paint the car.
-New headlights and corners in great shape
-Side mirrors and tail lights just painted

-Pro-m A9L Fox computer swap with fan controller (low and high speed)
-Optima Red Top battery, less than a year old
-HID headlights
-Redline Tuning hood shocks (no prop rod!)
-All four calipers just rebuilt and powder coated (new pads and ATE 200 blue fluid)
-A/C system just gone completely through and recharged (new compressor, new accumulator, new low pressure hose and new O-rings) – less than a year and 3k miles ago
-Recently aligned
-Auto-down window switches

Autometer Phantom Gauges (Boost, Oil and Fuel Pressure)
Digital Wideband A/F Gauge
20% window tint
New leather shift knob
[FONT=&quot]New Bullit pedals[/FONT]












***Someone ask me about this and I knew I should have put a "note" when I first posted it but the squeak you here in this video is just the tensioner pulley. It only just started doing this when the weather turned cold and I have not lubed it yet. It literally goes away within 2-3 minutes. I shot this video in the garage, pulled the car outside and then shot the rest of these videos. By the time I got the car in the driveway it had quit.

The biggest imperfections on the car:









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May 6, 2006
Any interest in a trade?? I have a 97 cobra 61K..ocean pacific met green/tan leather, ininstalled vortech/60lb/maf/ecm with tune. My little brother was going to buy the car without the supercharger but his wife put a stop to it. There's nothing like the sound of a old school ford small block. The DOHC sounds great but it's not the same.



May 19, 2010
I appreciate the offer but I'm not really interested. And I completely agree... you can't beat the sound of a good old pushrod motor! I had a KB'd Terminator before this car and while it was fast and I did like the car it sure didn't sound as good as this one.
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