Expired 1995 Mustang Gt Dfg Auto Vert

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Apr 26, 2002
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1995 Ford Mustang GT auto convertible. Dark Forest Green w/ Tan top/interior. Car was let sit by previous owner so it needed some TLC. I spent a lot of time cleaning it up and getting it back in shape. I've replaced the following to bring it back to good condition:
-new black racing front seats
-black cloth rear seats to match fronts
-new black carpet
-new black American Muscle floor mats
-newly recovered sun visors
-new spark plugs
-MSD coil
-MSD plug wires
-MSD distributor cap
-new reman. distributor (bumped timing to 14 degrees)
-new TFI module
-new fuel filter
-fresh oil and filter
-new harmonic balancer
-new fuel pressure regulator
-removed and cleaned all injectors (replaced 3)
-replaced corroded vacuum lines
-new PA inspection
-new front bumper painted to match
-newer clear headlights/corners
-newer clear fog lights
-painted taillight bezels black
-paint correction on whole car
-new SR performance cold air intake
-replaced driver's side lower door hinge (if you've owned a vert before you know the doors tend to sag, closes smooth now)
-new fuel tank fill grommet-Aiwa headunit (installed by previous owner)

Few other things to mention. I have the carfax on it. I have a few other parts to throw on the car that I could throw in: SR lowering springs and styling bar. Tires are like new. The underside of this car is pristine. There is no rust under there, doesn't look like it was ever driven in the winter.

I can answer any questions you may have about the car. Can meet up to show the car upon request. I have the title. Located in Southeastern PA. Looking to get $6k for it.





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