1996 Cobra convertible weatherstripping

96 SnakeWild

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Sep 25, 2020
What’s going on everyone,
Had new top installed on my 96 cobra. While was doing it I asked guy to install new weatherstripping all around .so now everyone’s selling 1994 to 04 FULL KIT. And I had guy install it, but I’m still having leak where top and headers meet. I know there’s sealant on pillar area but if anyone has done new weatherstripping or can offer any install videos etc. .i am trying to troubleshoot myself. If anyones familiar the top,header windo and pillar all come together there and looks like stack of seals. Unfortunately even when waters coming in testing I can’t see exactly wears it is leaking . Also, if anyone with era car looks at base of top in rear at bottom rear corner of 1/4 window there’s a small gap can see into car. Anyone else have that or is weatherseal tight against 1/4 windows belt strip . . I was all excited ,new top came with improperly sealed window so took month to get new one . .now I’m keeping under cover afraid of rain cause of leak. .. I’m probably going to take to shop. Anyone in nj shore area recommend specialist. Sorry that’s a lot and a mess hopefully someone understands frustration. Thanks
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