Progress Thread 1998 v6 mustang no crank no start first time on forum


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May 3, 2022
Orange ca.
Hello to everyone out there this is my first time on this forum or any forum for that matter I’m a long time reader though. here is my problem if anyone can shed some light I would be so greatful. My 1998 v6 won’t start I have replaced the starter took it back twice replaced the battery took it back twice replaced the ignition switch, clutch safety position switch, starter relay and battery cables. I have a good solid ground but every time I try to start it it acts like it has a bad battery it will turn real slow about 1/4 turn on engine then clicks before it was totally dead I could turn the key and nothing would happen so I was happy to hear the clicks. Where it all started was my nephew was to remove the starter but didnt disconnect the battery and he got some sparks. We disconnected the battery and replaced the starter and that’s when nothing happened I figured he burnt a ground wire but I have checked all that I even ran a toggle switch to bypass all that but still it will kick the gear out but won’t spin??? I took the starter back to autozone and thank god I’m a regular customer there that they just gave me another one. I have reran the battery cables and I added a 4 gauge ground wire I tried to by pass the clutch pedal switch but power gets to the starter it engages the flywheel but such a slow crank like a dead battery then clicks oh and this , when I am cranking it the battery voltage drops to like 4 volts. I thought a bad cell or something. Hydro tested the battery tested it under a load at auto zone and started 2 other cars with it…. Am I missing something please help me

Thank you
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Jun 17, 2020
Rochester NY
Welcome; sorry you're having a tough problem to solve. If the starter is receiving full power from the battery, then it's a matter of the mechanical load on the starter being beyond its capacity. Has the '98 been sitting for a long time? Might be a problem there; can't tell from your information.
Also: the battery is the main source of starting current (50A or so), so make sure the battery has a good charge on it (which means, let the charger feed the battery for a good couple of hours) and BEFORE the next start, make sure the battery voltage is 13.8 or so.
Keep us posted on your progress, and what you find!