Expired 1999-2004 Ford Mustang Turn Signal Billet Aluminum Cover Multi Function Switch

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Jan 31, 2002
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Hello all. Up for sale today is a billet aluminum cover that slips onto your 1999-2004 Mustang's turn signal switch, also called the multi-function switch. I bought this piece new and had it on my 2004 Mustang GT for a few years, but I have since moved on to a 2010 GT and have no need for it anymore. It is supposed to have a small set screw that never came in with it, but I was able to use a few dabs of super-glue gel and it never budged until I pulled it off, and I simply oriented the set screw hole to face the dash and never saw it again. There is some slight hazing on it that could easily be polished back to a new shine. This piece adds a nice little element of custom bling to the interior of your Mustang.
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