2005 mustang convertible won't start


New Member
Sep 30, 2019
Hi guys and gals,
the name is Reynolds and I am having a real headache with my mustang. I have to replace the fuel pump at least 6 times in the last year.
It would run fine while I use for everyday things and pleasure drives. However, I let it sit for 3 or 4 days and try to start it, it will turn over but not start running. I have never heard the fuel pump kick since first bought.it grom dealer. I keep the fuel level at the half at all times. I have checked the fuses, I used my code scanner I am not pulling any codes for the fuel system. I am good at diagnosing most issues on GM products this car is my first introduction to Ford and I am getting really frustrated. If anyone has some ideas I am open to your suggestion.

Thank you!!
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